Highest Attended Concert Tours in History

We all know the big acts attract thousands of people so in this blog we’re going to look at just how many people a tour can attract by looking at the highest attended concert tours in history. So, read on to find out just who the most popular acts in the world are.

U2 360° Tour -2009-2011

U2 have been a top stadium act for decades now, known for their flashy production, stage sets and anthemic music suited perfectly to the environment. The 360° tour was in support of their No Line on the Horizon album. The tour featured a four-legged robot to allow 360° sightlines and had specially tiered ticket prices to allow as many people to attend as possible. It grossed $736,421,584 from 110 shows and was attended by 7,272,046 people.


The Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge Tour – 1994-1995

The Stones first tour without Bill Wyman was one of their most successful. The tour grossed $320,000,000 and was attended by 6,336,776 people at 124 shows. The set was designed by Mark Fisher, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Patrick Woodroofe and had video and graphic design by Mark Norton.


Pink Floyd – The Division Bell Tour – 1994

Pink Floyd’s last tour visited 68 cities, playing 112 shows to 5.5 million people. The tour was notable for full performances of the Dark Side of the Moon album for the first time since 1975. At the time it was the biggest tour that there had ever been and was the last time Pink Floyd played together until their Live 8 reunion.


AC/DC – Black Ice Tour – 2008-2010

Australian rockers AC/DC have played some of the biggest shows in history and this tour consisted of 167 shows. It was the final tour that Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd and Brian Johnson all played on (Johnson was replaced by Axl Rose halfway through the band’s next tour, Malcolm didn’t tour, and Phil Rudd was up on charges of drug possession and hiring a hitman for the Rock or Bust Tour). The tour grossed $441 million and was attended by 4,846,965 people. The lucky ones got to see AC/DC before the classic line-up disintegrated forever.


The Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang Tour – 2005-2007

The Rolling Stones make the list again for their tour that consisted of 144 shows. The tour was unusual for the Stones in that certain shows didn’t sell out including the Glasgow leg at Hampden Park. This was blamed on expensive ticket prices, but it still didn’t stop the Stones taking in $558,255,524 and playing to 4,680,000 people including their first show in China. During the tour, they ruined the pitch at Fenway Park in Boston and several dates were rescheduled after Keith Richards fell out of a tree and despite rumours of this being their last tour, the Stones are still playing today with a tour that runs throughout 2018.

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